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Raising the Stakes (DVD)

Raising the Stakes (DVD)

Steve and Bob (Josh Lively and Zane Crosby) are a bit too obsessed with their role-playing enhanced fantasies of being vampires. But when cheap makeup doesn't cut it, they find a snake oil salesman named Maxwell Selwyn (Ryan Stocking) who sells them a potion that turns them into blood suckers. However, they soon learn they're in way over their heads.

Featuring cameo appearances from Lloyd Kaufman (creator of the Toxic Avenger) and horror host legend Count Gore De Vol!

The first feature film from the then-teenaged crew at IWC Films is back on DVD! This reissue includes the 2010 director's cut re-edit of the film, as well as the original 2005 release cut that's been out of print for nearly a decade!

Special Features:
Audio commentary with director Justin Channell and stars Joshua Lively and Zane Crosby on the director's cut
• Original cast and crew commentary on the 2005 cut