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Portopak - Bull Inside the Echo Chamber (cassingle) BWCS01

Portopak - Bull Inside the Echo Chamber (cassingle) BWCS01

A single about the generation gap that mixes chiptune created on a Nintendo Game Boy with new-wave-inspired guitars and vocals. Backed with the instrumental track "The Unfriendly Dreamer."
Professionally duplicated cassingle on Type II high-bias tape with full-color label inside a paint-spattered poly box with vinyl sticker. Only 50 copies made, split between blue and green shells.
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Justin Channell
Mastered by Nathan Reiner of Matrix Audio
All sounds on this recording were created with a Game Boy (DMG CPU-07), LSDJ, Drag N Derp cartridge, Squier Affinity Stratocaster, Casio SK-1 and GarageBand